M-Cube Building

A future-ready company Markono 4.0


Purpose-built and Future-proof

M-Cube is an integrated manufacturing and fulfillment centre, boasting advanced book manufacturing equipment, and state-of-the-art automation technology for storage and retrieval. The modern architecture is designed to drive productivity, maximise the use of space, and enable streamlined processes across 125,000 sqft of space. In addition, M-Cube was also awarded BCA Green Mark Award (Gold) for having elements of best practices in green technologies.

print logistics supply chain facility


State-of-the-art technologies

ROBOTIC PALLETIZERThe pallletizing of cartons can be a hard day’s work if not for the robotic palletizer. The automated line seals, labels and stacks cartons on pallets before shrinkwrapping the pallets for delivery – all without human intervention.


AUTOMATED STORAGE & RETRIEVAL SYSTEMTo maximise the use of space, Markono has put in place an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) which has enabled us to store more than 11,000 pallets in less than 1,500sqm


AUTOMATED GUIDED VEHICLES60% of a warehouse operator’s time is spent on non-value adding activity such as walking. Our automated guided vehicles eliminates the need for operators to walk between stations, resulting in man-hours saving of 25 hours a day.


A BCA Green Mark Award (Gold) Building

SOLAR ENERGYSolar panels are installed on the roof to harness the power of solar energy. About 10% of Markono’s total energy reqiurements are provided for by clean and renewable solar energy.


NATURAL LIGHTINGThe building is designed to guide an optimum amount of natural lighting into the building. With daylighting, less energy is consumed for artificial lighting during daylight hours.


High Efficiency LightingsT5 light tubes are installed throughout the whole building as it provides high luminous efficacy while consuming fewer energy during operation.