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Traditional Media, Modern Intelligence

Real-time information to your order status.

Print media may have a long history, but that doesn't mean we have to use antiquated means to interact with you.

Markono's customers are given access to our proprietary web-based e-Motion logo customer portal, where they have access to tools to make faster and smarter print-buying decisions anytime at their convenience, regardless of time zones.

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Title Management

  • Upload print files and metadata information
  • Full traceability of files
Manage a virtual library of titles by uploading print files (.pdf, .docx, .ai, .psd etc) and metadata information associated with a particular title via e-Motion. Overwrite files whenever revisions are made, but maintain full traceability of when the files were uploaded and whom they were uploaded by.

Inventory Management

  • Monitor inventory level
  • Request for print fulfillment services
As more customers seek to reduce their supply chain inefficiencies, storage and product fulfillment is increasingly performed direct off the presses. The Inventory Management feature provides customers a platform to check and monitor their inventory level, as well as to request for fulfillment to be done.

Order Management

  • Place book printing orders online
  • Full oversight of order status
The Order Management feature allows users to monitor the status of their orders and track the order shipments anytime and anywhere at their convenience. This enables customers to maintain a constant oversight of their orders, even if they are located in different time zones .


  • Visual representation of expenditure and order patterns
  • Export data for further analysis
The Reports feature allows users to analyze their expenditure and printing patterns, and modify their print strategy according to the print trends to extract maximum value out of each title. The reports are represented graphically to give a quick overview that is easy on the eyes.